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Gérard Desjardins Gérard Desjardins

Age: 57
Function / Title: President
Employer: Nettoyage Nord-Sud
Personal realisations: Karate black belt and father of 2 beautiful daughters.
His motto: « Live in the present. »

Annie Lapointe

Age: 38
Function / Title: Business development director
Employer: Groupe Urgence Sinistre G.U.S.
Personal realisations: World champion, 2005 Cazelle Rally in Moroco
Her motto: « Make your life a dream and your dream a reality.»

Frédérick Beaulieu Frédérick Beaulieu

Age: 36
Function / Title: Contractor, Groupe Technodrain, Service de Nettoyage Brillo and Techno Construction
Employer: All his clients
Personal realisation: Expedition to the Arctic center, Peace Keeper, 1st Gulf War
His motto: « Always further, always higher. »

Guillaume Deschamp Guillaume Deschamps

Age: 29
Function / Title: Disaster expert
Employer: Cuierrier et associés inc.
His motto: « With a brave heart, nothing is impossible. »

Pierre Bégin Pierre Bégin

Age: 43
Function / Title: Vice-president, Administrative services and communications
Employer: Groupe Urgence Sinistre G.U.S.
Personal realisations: Hitch hiking across the United-States with $ 200 in my pocket.
His motto: « EVERYTHING turns out ok eventually… »

Mario Dubé Mario Dubé

Age: Old age is when you have more memories than dreams ;-) Guess!
Function / Title: Financial planner
Employer: Freelancer, Groupe Investors
Personal realisation: President of «Regroupement Sinistrés Entraide», marks man during Haïti civil war, massotherapist.
His motto: « Don't go to bed believing something is impossible to do... you risk being waken up by the sound of someone else accomplishing it. »

Alexandre Kelley

Age: 24 ans
Function / Title : Carpenter
Employer: Rénovaction
Personal realisation : 2 victories in semi0professional extreme combat
His motto : « Tattoed on my forearm: BE ALIVE and I like my father's also, who used to say with his foot up my ass : don't say it, DO IT!!! »

Marie-Josée Bédard (Remplacera Gina Desjardins)

Age: 32
Function / Title : Neuropsychology doctor
Employer: CSSS de l'Énergie; Université du Québec in Trois-Rivières, Centre d'Évaluation Neuropsychologique et des Apprentissages de la Mauricie.
Personal realisation : A 450 km walk through the Himalaya (crossin of Ladakh and Zanskar, North of India
Her motto: «There's only one thing that make dreams impossible : the fear of faillure!»

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